How to Pull a Loose Tooth

Posted by on January 25, 2016 at 6:28 pm


We love seeing our kids with great gap-toothed smiles and parents often ask us to tell them the best way it to remove a loose tooth. 

As you have likely noticed, children usually lose teeth in about the same order they get them. The front teeth go first, usually around age six or seven. Though we accept this as part of growing up, what is actually happening when kids lose their teeth? Here’s what happens. When a permanent tooth starts coming in, the roots of the baby tooth dissolve until it is loose enough to fall out. They usually fall out with little drama or blood.

If the loose tooth in your child’s mouth is not quite ready to fall out on its own, trying to pull it out may hurt its sensitive roots and cause pain.

In general,  it’s best to deny the temptation to pull a loose tooth, but rather let your child wiggle it until it falls out on its own. This will minimize the pain and bleeding.

But if you just can’t resist, we present you with some funny creative ideas for how to remove that pesky wiggly tooth.

As always, if you suspect that it is not the right time to lose a tooth or if the sequence of loss feels out of order, your child may have bumped or hit his or her teeth in which case you should definitely come in to the office for an assessment to prevent any damage that may have been caused to the tooth or gums. You can make an appointment now!


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