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The Tooth Station pediatric dentist office is the the longest serving children’s dentist in the Folsom California area.  We pride ourselves in treating each child just as we would our own. Bryan Randolph is a parent himself and  knows that each child is unique and needs personalized attention. That’s why we always allow and even encourage your child to sit on your lap while they receive preventive dental care if they are timid because a good visit to the dentist is one that leaves your child happy, confident, and excited to come back and see us again!

What makes The Tooth Station different from many children’s dentists is that we have Bryan Randolph, DDS as your single dedicated dentist so that your child always sees a familiar face. This enables you to feel confident that the doctor will always remember the dental issues your child is experiencing, and also what is happening in your child’s life! This one small detail makes all the difference and turns each appointment into a stress-free visit with friends, not strangers.

Our mission is to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of pain-free visits with a dental professional and dedicated kid-friendly dentist staff that one looks forward to. From the moment you step inside our office and see the lush jungle murals, revolving train, balloons, an entire playroom full of books and games, your kids are filled with a sense of excitement, not anxiety. And as parents ourselves, we know that happy kids make happy parents.

A Sacramento Kids Dentist is Working for Your Kids Dental Health
If you have been searching for a pediatric dentist, do not wait to protect your child’s teeth. Call our Folsom children’s dental office 916-984-6747 or in Natomas at 916-419-0020.

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