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We  know that a parent’s top priority when choosing a dentist for their child is a compassionate staff that puts the health of their child first. We are lucky to have longtime staff, most of whom have been here more than eight years, creating a warm and inviting environment where children get to be silly, have fun and learn about dental health all at the same time. Feel free to contact them directly at the addresses below.

Doreen Bowen, Office Manager
Doreen is our office manager who keeps the trains running on time (pun intended).  A part of our dental family for 12 years, Doreen has a perennial smile  and a great wealth of dental knowledge that she is happy to share with you. When she’s not at the office you will find Doreen snuggling doggies at the Placer SPCA where she volunteers regularly.

Jessica Bowen, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)
Jessica has been at the Tooth Station for 9 years and is the one in the back keeping the trains running on time. She has learned that a happy kid is one whose dental work can be done quickly and painlessly and has become adept at doing excellent work in the short amount of time that kids allot to sitting still.

Crystal Fernando, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)
Crystal can be found in the operatory, providing a warm and reassuring hand to Dr. Randolph and your children. Fascinated by teeth since she was small, Crystal likes to share her interest using visual aids to help children understand what the whole dentist experience is all about in a fun and comfortable way.

Kristie Miser, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)
Kristie is the multi-talented Jill-of-all-trades, helping the front office, assisting Dr. Randolph, developing new ways to coax uneasy and emotionally or physically challenged children into their appointment, and serving as the Tooth Station ambassador at local events. Her two children have been patients of Dr. Randolph for all of their 17 years.

Janice Sandman, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)
Whenever you see Janice, there is a good chance she will be laughing. Janice beams sunshine and the kids beam it right back to her. She immediately engages kids with her easygoing approach that treats each child with respect, including them in the process, explaining each dental procedure, and showing genuine interest in their lives and compassion for their fears.


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