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There are times when you’d like to do some research on a dental issue your child is having before making an appointment. We provide these links to help answer that need. As always, please don’t hesitate to call us at 916-984-6747 if you have a question and let us know if you find another particularly helpful site!

General Dental Health for Children
Colgate – Contains excellent information for parents concerning fluoride and other subjects, games for children and product information.
Crest – Great information for parents on care for children’s teeth and development of teeth.
Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me – Sesame Street’s excellent toolkit for making dental health fun for kids.
Mouth Healthy – A comprehensive collection of information compiled by the American Dental Association to help maintain good dental health.
Stop Zombie Mouth – The American Dental Association has teamed up with PopCap, maker of the popular “Plants Vs. Zombies” game, for a campaign called “Stop Zombie Mouth.” The website features downloadable masks, coloring pages, computer wallpaper, game coupons and helpful facts about tooth decay. 

How to Prevent Cavities and Reduce Risk Factors
We have produced two informative guides to help you reduce your child’s chance of tooth decay. The Prevention and Caries Risk Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of cavities including ways to prevent them using the SAFE (Sealants, Antibacterials and Hygiene, Fluoride, and Effective Diet) model, how to tell when one is forming and what to do, as well as a list of habits that put you and your child at risk for decay. The second is a Caries Prevention and Risk Assessment Chart that includes instructions on how to minimize the possibility of developing cavities, broken down in easy-to-follow steps appropriate for each age category.

What is a Baby Root Canal and Why Is It Necessary? – We’ve compiled images and information to help you understand why your child may need a root canal and what to expect about the procedure.

Information about Fluoride
Fluoride in Drinking Water – Provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Fluoride: Its Effectiveness and Proper Use – Provided by the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future

Xylitol Information and Products – A clearinghouse site dedicated to the benefits of Xylitol.
California Dental Association’s Xylitol Information Site – Provides answers to basic questions regarding Xylitol and dental health.

Xylitol Stores
Xylitol USA, Global Sweet, Homestead Market, Zapp Gum, Xylitol Salvation, Nature’s Sunshine,
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