Children’s Dentist


When you need a children’s dentist who will treat your child like a member of the family and offer exceptional personalized care, you can count on the reliable and experienced dentist and pediatric dental office at The Tooth Station.

We take the time to develop a relationship with your child based on trust, compassion, and pain-free visits. Children thrive on consistency which is why we ensure that your child sees dentist Bryan Randolph, DDS each and every time they visit. Many of the parents of the children in our practice were patients themselves when they were young.

Our kid-friendly dentist staff knows each and every one of our patients and has extensive training in children’s dentistry and the unique dental needs of infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and young adults.  As parents ourselves, we know that happy kids make happy parents so we do whatever it takes to make your child comfortable and relaxed.

We also know that preventative dental care is the best medicine and our priority is preventing tooth cavities before they start. We use advanced family dentist technology such as light fluorescence and the Bacteria Caries Risk Test to detect cavity-causing bacteria. Providing extensive educational resources to save your child’s teeth and your time and money is our top priority!

Pediatric Dental Services

InfantTeethBaby, Infants and Dentist First Visits - Oral Care Starts Now

ToddlerToddlers and Young Children Dentistry For Kids - How to Brush

Elementary studentsChildren’s Pediatric Dental Care - Developing Good Lifelong Habits

Young-Adult-StudentsAdolescents and Teen Dental Office Visits - High Cavity Risk

High-School-male-studentYoung Adults and Young People’s Preventive Dental Care - Regular Check-Ups

Be sure to check out all the ways our compassionate and professional dentist Bryan Randolph, DDS takes care of your kid’s teeth. Contact The Tooth Station at our Folsom and Sacramento offices to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you!